High-Velocity Data. Real-Time Analytics. One Database.

Using machine learning, deepSQL continually adapts to changing application needs at cloud scale, accelerating business reaction time and helping drive unfair competitive advantage… all using the well-known MySQL API.


Travel & Hospitality

Dynamically meet seasonal travel demands without pre-provisioning or over-provisioning, while reducing attrition due to page load times by up to 7x.

Health Sciences

Collect massive data sets, ingest them up to 50x faster, analyze the results 2-7x faster and drive your company’s unfair advantage in the market.


Find the fastest path to research insights by slashing data ingestion times from days to hours, while reducing data footprint by up to 80% through out-of-band compression that doesn’t impact performance.

Internet of Things

Trigger connected device actions through hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP), eliminating reaction delays due to ETLs and scaling to hundreds of billions of rows.

Media & Entertainment

Optimize content experiences and delivery for revenue, while reducing the time to insights and issue diagnosis with real-time analytics, all without dimming the lights on your digital media experiences.

Financial Services

Reduce lag time to insights across risk profiling, portfolio analysis, compliance, and financial audits in an industry where nanoseconds can translate into millions of dollars.

Retail & eCommerce

Meet seasonal transactional demands while driving competitive velocity through improved real-time analytics on live operational data.

Energy & Utilities

Reduce time to problem diagnosis and accelerate time to investment return across energy extraction, production, delivery, monitoring, metering and customer service.


Deliver compelling, real-time entertainment and transactional experiences by reducing load times and elastically scaling during surges in concurrent online users.


Deliver compelling experiences during usage surges on your existing infrastructure, while running real-time analytics on live data to identify outages and sub-par performance.

Advertising & Interactive Media

Gain instantaneous insights and elastic scale across ad interaction, engagement, conversion and revenue-driving activities through hybrid real-time workloads (HTAP) run on relational data.

Technical Applications

Fast Load, Accelerated Query

deepSQL ingests data faster than any other solution on the market while dramatically accelerating queries, even if you don’t know which columns to index, resulting in the fastest path to accomplishing key insights.

Database as a Service (DBaaS)

deepSQL provides a more performant solution with elastic scalability that reduces DBA overhead and infrastructure costs resulting in the ultimate DBaaS solution.


Application Hosting

DeepSQL helps application hosters solve their customer’s data performance and management pain while easing their own multi-tenancy and lifecycle challenges at cloud scale for any application stack that requires a MySQL database.


DeepSQL dramaticaly accelerates and scales WordPress implementations whether they are hosted locally on a private cloud, on a public cloud instance or part of a hoster’s, multi-tenant Platform as a Service (PaaS).


deepSQL unifies real-time Drupal application demands with the performance and scalability of an adaptive database, enabling unprecedented levels of scalability and performance.

Internet of Things

Trigger connected device actions through hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP), eliminating reaction delays due to ETLs and scaling to hundreds of billions of rows.


Whether you’re an executive responsible for the line of business or a technical rockstar working to drive innovation and keep the business rolling, deepSQL can help you meet your objectives simply as well as cost effectively.

Executive / Line of Business Owner

deepSQL accelerates business’ ability to proactively meet market demands by eliminating performance issues and simplifying and scaling infrastructure, while reducing the time and volume of change queues that slow market capture and stifle innovation.


DeepSQL liberates DBAs from the time-consuming work of constant calibration and eliminates offline maintenance. Additional capabilities such as over indexing without performance sacrifices, continuous backups and more are now in the DBA’s arsenal.


DeepSQL accelerates innovation by eliminating development bottlenecks. Unparalleled query performance, lightning -ast database reloads, unprecedented scale and an agile production database give developers the fast track to market capture.

Data Architects

DeepSQL empowers data architects with the technology and tools needed to design elegant, powerful and agile infrastructures that are easy to deploy, maintain and scale, meeting business demands while reducing complexity and cost.