Deep data tools enable data professionals to test multiple systems under various workload scenarios (including concurrent workloads/HTAP), conduct “what if?” scenario planning, and migrate data from one system to another 3x faster than traditional migration. All of the tools are open source and available for free use by the community.

Data Modeling and Load Testing

Deep Data Bench

Versatile MySQL benchmarking tool for rapidly simulating data scenarios using new or existing schemas that delivers granular workloads for extensive testing.  Point Deep Data Bench at any MySQL-compliant relational database, (MariaDB, Amazon Aurora, Google CloudSQL, MySQL, Percona, more) to conduct “What If” HTAP scenarios and plan for changes and growth in your data environment.

Benchmarking Tools

Content Management System (CMS) Benchmark

The WordPress Benchmark is a standalone Bash script that performs a multi-phase, load-test oriented benchmark against WordPress and WooCommerce. The script will set up a database and prepare a clean WordPress installation before performing the benchmark, and can orchestrate its actions on remote hosts to simulate independent database and web servers.

SWIFT HTAP Cloud Scale Benchmark

This tool generates concurrent OLAP and OLTP traffic at configurable scale, including extreme traffic loads, and comes with an Elastic Search and Kabana visualization dashboard that shows transaction rate, latency and total transactions as well as other key system scale metrics.  It uses Chef and Vagrant to simplify the initial setup and execution.   IT organizations can see, in real-time, the impact changing workloads have on their database, quickly comparing and contrasting the effects of HTAP and various tuning configurations on the system,

Data Migration Tools

Data Migrator

The deepSQL migrator is a command line based MySQL parallel migration tool that helps database administrators migrate both schema and data from 7x-20x faster than other tools. It achieved this by loading data in parallel (as opposed to using a single thread of execution).

MySQL Parallel Loader

Much like the migrator tool, this is a simple tool that also leverages parallel data loading techniques to load MySQL dumps into deepSQL 7x-20x faster than traditional tools.

Performance Center

Deep’s performance center provides documentation on how to benchmark deepSQL as well as existing benchmarks we have performed in the past.