DeepSQL Technical Features

deepSQL is a NewSQL architecture that drives predictable, low-latency performance at cloud scale. This new approach to relational databases utilizes the well-known MySQL API and feature set that developers, DBAs and businesses love, but changes the game on how these features are applied to everyday use cases. The result is a highly scalable, performant database that drives more business, faster, while lowering costs.

Adaptive, Self-Tuning Database

Machine learning continuously optimizes data based on workload characteristics, eliminating manual DBA tuning

MySQL Compliant with JSON

Uses MySQL features and API with JSON support, eliminating learning curves and changes to MySQL-based apps

Multiple Deployment Options

Easy deployment in physical or virtual environments across clouds, micro-services or converged infrastructures

Dynamic Data Representation

Separates on-disk and in-memory representations, allowing adaptive engine to predictively reorganize data

Intelligent Kernel Scheduling

Eliminates locks and wait states ensuring all resources deliver complete utilization and maximum throughput

Adaptive Segmenting

Adaptive, table level segmenting enables efficient grouping based on concurrent workload requirements

Dynamic Summarization

Summarizes columns and metadata (counts, cardinality, etc.) enabling low-latency, non-asymptotic queries at scale

Streaming Disk I/O

Append-only disk writing, including delta changes, eliminate unnecessary seeks and reads before writes, minimizing IOPS

Row and Segmented Column Store

Data is organized as rows and segmented column stores, accelerating transactional and analytic performance

Resource Awareness

Kernel understands presence and state of hardware enabling online add/remove of CPU and memory

Out-of-Band Compression

Performed out of the I/O chain ensuring fast performance while reducing storage footprint up to 80%

Concurrent OLTP/OLAP

HTAP capable database accelerates concurrent data ingest, transactions and analytic workloads in same database