Slows Page Loads Hurting your Business? Try the Database Rx

Slow page loads can be the death-knell for hosting providers, especially if your customers’ business depends on their online presence – and whose doesn’t these days? Ecommerce sites are obvious: each additional second required to load a page, after 3 seconds, causes a 70% loss in purchases. And really, for any business that wants to operate at on-demand speed and present a strong brand image to the world, web performance is critical.

In this article published in WHIR, Bob Buck, Deep’s VP of Technology, tells hosting providers why databases get in the way of optimal WordPress-based site performance, bogging you down with concurrency, caching and calibration issues. Read it to find out how adaptive databases can turn it all around for you and your customers, eradicating these often-crippling problems and making their sites scream.