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GEMServers WordPress hosting is powered by Google and supercharged with deepSQL™. Enterprise class WordPress hosting that is lightning fast and incredibly secure for smart organizations like yours.

The Challenge

Soon after John Teague founded Theme Surgeons, a WordPress website development and optimization business, one thing became abundantly clear.

Page loads often took five seconds or more under heavy load. And, according to a recent report, for e-commerce sites making $100,000 per day, a mere one second delay can result in losses of $2.5 million a year. That’s a huge hit.

"Many of our ecommerce clients were suffering because page loads were so slow that visitors were abandoning their sites without purchasing,” he said. “Their hosting solutions couldn’t handle spikes in traffic or transactions from marketing blitzes, flash sales or Black Friday."

Teague saw an opportunity to create a WordPress managed hosting business that could offer the performance required for the on-demand economy. However, as he explained, “Traditional methods of improving WordPress site performance by focusing on caching, content delivery networks and endlessly optimizing the application, fall short. Hosting services can try spinning up more, and more powerful, servers, but that’s expensive and cumbersome to manage.”

Before launching his new hosting business, called GEMServers, Teague needed a better solution. He believed the answer lay in boosting MySQL, the database underlying WordPress, and began scouring the internet for a solution.

The Solution

deepSQL—the world’s only adaptive database engine—transforms MySQL into a perpetually self-tuning and highly performant database, across cloud, virtual and physical environments. Leveraging new computer science and machine learning, and using the MySQL interface businesses know, deepSQL delivers unprecedented speed and flexibility and scales to hundreds of billions of rows, without application changes.


Teague discovered deepSQL and, “it quickly became clear that deepSQL could supercharge our hosting and help make it infinitely better than our competitors. There’s nothing else like it,” he said.

GEMServers downloaded deepSQL’s free developer edition and, ten minutes later, was ready to test it against MySQL’s default InnoDB Engine. “deepSQL worked great out-of-the-box and its performance was starkly better than anything on the market. We got very excited about including it in our packages,” Teague said.

GEMServers launched in November 2015, running deepSQL in server instances on Google Cloud Engine (GCE) for customers including ImpaqCorp, Tydan, and GWI Telecom. The company also deploys deepSQL on its own GEMServers site and customer portal system.

The Result

Accelerates page loads by 200% deepSQL improved page loads by 200% under normal loads.

And, under Black Friday-like conditions, it enabled GEMServers client pages to load in one-and-a-half seconds or less, significantly less than the industry-typical five seconds or higher. “Traffic intensive ecommerce and publishing sites don’t have to be anxious about using WordPress anymore. Deep enables uber-fast page loads,” Teague said.

Transacts 39 times faster than with InnoDB deepSQL outperformed InnoDB in a battery of high-load tests.

In a dbt2 test, deepSQL processed 3308 transactions/second, compared to InnoDB’s 1621 transactions/second. In sysbench, deepSQL was 24 times faster. And in GEMServers’ custom WordPress e-commerce and publishing transaction sets, deepSQL was 39.7 times faster. “Any way you slice it, deepSQL blows InnoDB away,” said Teague.

Eases scalability while cutting bandwidth by 32% and database size up to 80%

GEMServers reduced bandwidth by 32% overall and achieved compression rates up to 80%. “Thanks to deepSQL, we can provide true scalability for even the most intensive publishing and e-commerce businesses, without having to pass along high costs to our customers,” Teague said.

Eliminates manual tuning, boosts man-hour ROI

GEMServers doesn’t have to spend valuable time manually tuning servers. “deepSQL’s self-tuning is a game-changer. It frees us to concentrate on the more strategic parts of our operations, which is a much better ROI on man-hours,” said Teague.

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