High-velocity database as agile as your business

deepSQL is the world’s only application-aware relational database that moves in lock-step with your business applications. Built on deep’s breakthrough CASSI technology deepSQL delivers a Big Data engine designed for the cloud that consumes high-velocity data streams alongside real-time analytics using the MySQL API while machine learning continuously adapts the database to changing application needs. Businesses gain an unfair advantage by predictively meeting customer demands through more intelligent applications that drive deeper, faster insights at cloud scale.

Velocity at Cloud Scale

NewSQL database combines in-memory performance with ACID compliance, accelerating data streaming, transactions, analytics and replication at extreme levels of concurrency, across petabytes of data.

Application-Aware Optimization

Continuous self-optimization based on machine learning dynamically re-organizes data, ensuring low-latency performance on any combination of workload type and complexity with zero manual tuning.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics run on live operational data as it streams into the system, empowering applications to make on-the-fly decisions based on the most current data, eliminating the need for ETLs.


Reduction in IOPS


Greater Tenant Density


or faster ingest with heavy indexing

deepSQL solutions


Life Sciences, BioMed, Research, Travel, Retail, Internet of Things

Hosted Platforms

WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, Magento, LAMP, DBaaS

Public Cloud

Amazon (AWS), Google, IBM Softlayer

Business Challenges

Slow Ingest and Query, Tenant Density, Storage Footprint, Concurrent User Scalability, Cloud Enablement


Executive and Line of Business Owners, Data Architects, DBAs, Developers

Cloud Technologies

Cloud Foundry, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, BOSH, vCloud Director


or faster Query Performance than InnoDB


or Faster Application Page Loads


or more Compression, No Performance impact

Join the adaptive database movement

For Hosters

Gain an unfair competitive advantage though greater customer satistaction

For Enterprise

Design and manage your data infrastructure for exponential growth

For Developers

Scale your application from zero to Facebook on one infrastructure